Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Kidnappers Private Limited - Chapter Four

Cafe La Veranda

"Do you know what the best thing about The Kidnappers Private Limited were?" Philip asked. It was their eighth meeting now, and the Cafe looked more familiar than his living room.

"I'm guessing its not their name?" Kevin remarked mischeviously, smiling at the waitress. She looked cute in her white and black uniform and pony tailed hairstyle. A plate of blueberry muffins were placed on the table, followed by two cups of cappuccinno.

"No," Philip replied quickly. "How was your day?" He asked.

Kevin understood. Philip had been very particular about secrecy. They had agreed not to talk about the KPL in front of others - which, in this case included the cute waitress. He decided to continue the mundane conversation.

Monday, April 26, 2010

The Kidnappers Private Limited - Chapter Three

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Mark Hanson looked at the five men sitting around him in the darkened waiting room. No one had spoken for over ten minutes now.

Alex and Tim sat together, staring at the floor without saying a word. They always stuck together, whereever they went. Whatever happened.

Ben sat alone in one corner, his legs placed on the adjacent seat. Even now, he wore a look of disinterest. Richard, meanwhile, had his face buried in his hands ; Mark wondered what was going on through his mind.

James continued pacing around, blowing smoke rings as he walked. They'd told him to quit a million times. And a million times he told them to mind their own business. Not in such polite terms, of course.

Friday, April 23, 2010

The Kidnappers Private Limited - Chapter Two

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"Wait, I don't get it," Kevin said, as he took his seat opposite Philip at Cafe La Veranda. It had been a week since they last met, and there were several questions Kevin had wanted to ask.

"Hold on," Philip said, as he turned aside to the waitress. "Two cups of cappuccino.  A blueberry muffin for me. Two croissants for him. Right?" He looked at Kevin.

Over the course of half a dozen meetings, they had become cordial friends, to say the least. Meeting at the Cafe had turned into a small tradition, one which they kept without fail.

"Yah, as I was saying. I couldn't understand something. Why would these six men - what do they call themselves? -"

"The Kidnappers Private Limited," Philip replied.

"Ah, yes, the Kidnappers. Why did they set up such an elaborate plan to kidnap Herb Seigler? Why not just kidnap him?"

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Kidnappers Private Limited - Chapter One

[Disclaimer: This story has been started two times before, before being stopped abruptly. It might happen again, in which case I'll be very very sorry. But, you know what they say. Third try's the best try! Hope I'll complete this one.]

At 3 in the evening, Cafe La Veranda was almost deserted, except for two men who had been occupying a corner table for almost two hours now.

"So, as a former Newspaper reporter, I'm sure you've heard some pretty thrilling stories," Kevin said as he sipped his third cup of coffee.

Philip, dressed in a crisp office shirt and matching pants, smiled slyly. He was an entertaining man to talk to. And beneath the quite demeanor and polite conversations, Kevin, himself a reporter, knew there was a minefield of information.

"Well, there is one particular story that I like narrating over and over again. It starts quite some time ago..."